Thursday, March 6, 2014

What Makes Jesus So Special? Colossians 2:9

We all know the stories of Jesus going around doing go good, healing people, teaching wonderful things and performing miracles. What makes him so special?

"For in Christ all the fullness of God lives in a human body." Colossians 2:9.

To say all is to say every aspect is included, or nothing is left out.

Fullness is not only all but all in total completeness, not just representative or a token.

The fullness of God didn't just come on Jesus like a mist or enveloping spirit but in Christ God lived.

Jesus was physical and human; he was fully man and also fully God. If God is all powerful then he can do anything and if he wants to inhabit a human body he can, if he can't then he is not much of a God. If there is one thing that is impossible for God how do we know there isn't another- like give us eternal life with him in heaven? So it is not only reasonable that God the Almighty could and would inhabit a human body it is even essential to believe in the possibility.

Jesus was all God so it is not a surprise that he was able to create miracles and raise the dead. Since he was all God he was able to do something else more amazing than raising the dead- he died. The death of Jesus can only be explained one way and it is that he died by choice. Jesus said, "I have authority to lay it down (his life) and I have authority to take it up again." John 10:17-18.

Why would Jesus the man who lived the most beautiful life ever willingly die? It was for others. He 'Gave his life as a ransom for many." Mark 10:45.

Because he was the perfect man he was able to die for the sins of the world. No ordinary man could die for another's sin because he would have his own sins to pay for; so no one else was qualified to die and take the penalty of humanities sins. When Jesus died on the cross our sins were put on him and he paid their judgment to the full. The resurrection proves Jesus completely satisfied God's judgment against sin.

Jesus paid for your sin and offers eternal forgiveness before God to any who will come to him. The Bible says, "To as many as received him to those who believed on his name he gave the right to become sons of God." John 1:12. Receive and Jesus today!

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