Monday, September 3, 2012

What Did Jesus Say About Finding Truth?

We all are searching for something. You might call it, meaning, or the answer to the question of life. It might be a search for purpose. You could say you are looking for the underlining cause of everything, or say you are searching for the ultimate reality- in short you are searching for truth.

This is important since we hope that when we find this ultimate truth we will find our purpose and have meaning to our lives. We expect this truth will answer all our questions.

Jesus spoke to this question. "Jesus answered, I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father but by me." John 14:6. NIV.

Jesus is the answer to the questions of life. He didn't offer to show a way or to show truth. He didn't offer to give it or promise that someday in the vague foggy future you may be enlightened to truth. He claims to be TRUTH. He claims to be the answer to all questions about why we are here.

     * Because he is truth he must be perfect and sinless; anything less would make his claim to being truth null and void.
     * Because he is truth he is worthy of devotion and worship.
     * Because he is truth he is able to be the way to God the Father.
     * Because he is truth he is able to save from sin.

Some today think Jesus spoke just as a metaphor, but to his first-century audience, these words would be blasphemy, (and to many today still). Jesus knew what he was saying and his hearers knew that he was making a threefold (trinity) claim of being deity. He made it clear he was speaking of a supreme deity not like the pantheon of Greek and Roman gods or like the emperors and kings of his day who made claims to be a god.

If you are looking for truth look at Jesus. He lived a perfect life that gives proof of being Truth, he died to pay for our sins, and his resurrection proves he is sufficient to save from the power of death and judgment.

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