Thursday, November 27, 2014

Do Any Good Deeds Wipe Out Bad Deeds In God's Judgment? Romans 5:8

Where does the Bible teach a good deed wipes out a bad deed?

"So then,as through one trespass there is condemnation for everyone, so also through one righteous act there is life giving justification foe everyone. Romans 5:18.

One man, Adam, sinned against the clear command of his Creator. The results were expulsion from the Garden of Eden, but worse than that death entered the human race with the prospect of eternal judgment.

God is merciful and full of grace so he offers the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. In Jesus God offers more than Adam had in the garden.  In Jesus the condemnation was taken care of by his death. There is no longer the threat of judgment since Christ took the judgment for us.

One man, Adam, did one act of rebellion and brought all mankind into a state of spiritual death. In contrast one man, Jesus, did one greater act of obedience and offers all mankind spiritual life.

The sin of Adam has been an inheritance passed onto every human being giving us a nature that sins. The death of Jesus which payed for our sins is good for every human being giving us an offer of forgiveness and eternal life.

God offers the gift of salvation to all who are willing to receive it. It is not based on our righteous acts or good deeds but on the basis of His righteous act where he obeyed the father and accepted our punishment on himself.

Only one good deed ever wiped out a bad deed and Jesus already did it when he died to pay for all our bad deeds. The good deed Jesus did on our behalf is available to us if we receive it.

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