Friday, August 30, 2013

How To Know If You Are Going To Be Saved.

How do you know if you have eternal life is it only a foggy hope or is there something solid?

"And the testimony is this God has given us eternal life, this life is in his son, He who has the son has life he who does not have the son of God does not have life." 1 John 5:12.

Eternal life is given as a gift, it is not a reward or a payment. God gives it to us freely.

This gift is eternal Therefore it cannot be ...
     * temporary,
     * only for a while,
     * until something happens,
     * until it is lost, or
     * it gets taken away.
Otherwise the Bible would call it something else.

Life is in the son. Jesus was with the Father since before the beginning, he came to earth and lived a perfect life without sin, he died as our substitute to pay for our sins; the resurrection is the proof that his death satisfies the judgment against us for our sin. He lives forever. Since he took our identity in death and we take his identity in life (and since his life is eternal) we may receive his eternal life.

Eternal life is free for us but it cost Christ everything he had to give.

There is a condition. Since God will not violate our free will he does not force the gift of eternal life on us- we must take it. We must choose to receive the gift. Those who take the gift of the son take the gift of eternal life.

Has is an active word, it is clear and means that something is a fact, either you did something or possess something. If you have received the gift of salvation through Jesus you have the gift of eternal life. If you have never trusted in the person and work of Jesus then do so today.

To read more about receiving the gift of eternal life through Jesus click the tab above titled "The Gospel."


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