Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What Does The Bible Say About Reincarnation?

There are many theories about the doctrine of reincarnation. The basic idea is that death is not final and we get a second chance by coming back to life. Does the Bible teach some kind of second chance?

"Just as people are destined to die once and after that to face judgment." Hebrews 9:7, NIV.

At first glance it looks like God's Word is negative about our afterlife, but the Scripturese also teaches God is love and he made a way.

There is some kind of judgment but judgment can be satisfied. Though God's Word teaches judgment is necessary because of sin, it  also tells of a substitute has taken our judgment and punishment.

Jesus took upon himself the judgment that is due to those who sin, (See Romans 3:25-31 and Isaiah 53:5). The sins that we were guilty of are paid for in the death of Jesus; and the resurrection of Jesus proves that judgment is no longer binding on him or those who are his.

The question that we need to answer before we enter eternity is the question of Jesus, because as the Bible says, "Whoever has the Son has life and whoever has not the son of God does not have life.*The Lord has done everything for us; he has made the way fair for all. He sent his only son and that son took our sins on himself and endured the mega-storm of God's wrath and judgment in our place- he did it all and all that is left is for us to participate by believing in his sacrifice for us.

The only judgment is the judgment you make about Christ. To receive Jesus is to receive life to reject Jesus is to reject his offer of free salvation and face judgment alone, (John 3:36).

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*1John 5:12

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