Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Am I Too Far From God To Come Back To Him?

Is anyone too far from God to be able to come to him?  The words of The Almighty Himself answers this question.

"Turn to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth; for I am God, and I know of no other." Isaiah  45:22.

When we turn we are engaging in a choice. Here we see God inviting us to seek him and he asks us to turn to him.  To turn suggest you are going one way or looking one way and you redirect yourself either in the way you are going or where you are looking.

We may be going our own way in rebellion against what we know is right or going a way we think is right without knowing it is wrong.  In either case, we can still choose to correct the direction we are going.

God is not asking something hard, He isn't asking us to do some Herculean deed, or build some epic monument of repentance.  He only asks us to turn.

God presents himself as open and welcoming.  He calls us to Himself not to some complicated creed or religion but to a relationship with Him as a person.  This is the word of someone who intends to be knowable; this is not the word of a far off god.

Be saved, these two words together state an absolute.  It is not vague or hopeful but concrete.  "Be" is an affirmative word and saved is past tense.  This suggests that God is offering something here and now in this life, not just some pie in the sky by and by after you die thing.

No one is left out of the invitation; no matter who you are God is calling you.

You may feel that you are too far from God but no matter where you are physically, spiritually or emotionally you are not too far away to come to God even if you are at the utter end of the earth.

No matter where you are in your life or how far you have wandered Your Father in Heaven calls you to turn back to Him.  If He calls you to come back to him it means He will accept you or else He would not call you to Him.  Resolve to turn to God and find the life He wants you to have.

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