Saturday, January 3, 2015

Do We Know the Right Way To God In Our Heart?

Are we born with some kind of map in our hearts that will lead us to God?  If we follow this inner sense will we find Salvation? The Bible's answer is surprising.

"There is a way which seems right to a man but in the end it leads to death." Proverbs 14:12.

     * We think that we can ascend by stages of enlightenment to Heaven.
     * We think if we keep a clean conscience we will be saved.
     * We think we can tally up enough good works to outweigh the bad and please God.
     * We think we can practice self-denial and earn Heaven.
     * We think with enough religious disciplines will achieve salvation.

Proverbs 14:12
These ways seem logical or appeal to us in some way or other. Maybe it is our sense that good works should be rewarded

All of these rely on our own abilities and powers. None pass the test of God's courtroom.

These ways fail to satisfy God's judgment on sin. Jesus warned that "wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to death and many enter through it." Matthew 7:13. The ancient prophet said, "The soul that sins shall die." Ezekiel 18:4. The Apostle said, "The wages of sin is death." Romans 6:23.

Salvation and eternal life are not in what we do but who we know. The Bible says, "He who believes on the son has life, but whoever rejects the Son of God has not life." Gospel of John 3:36 . And the apostle said, "I write these things unto you who believe in the name of the son of God so that you will know you have eternal life. 1 John 5:13.

It may not seem right to us that salvation is by believing in the death and resurrection of God's son, and that he paid for our sins and took our judgment for us, and that all God asks is that we trust him to save us. But God invites us to come to him, Isaiah 1:18;19. He offers salvation as a gift. Ephesians 2:8-9.

We would gladly give our lives to build some great work in God's name if it would buy our salvation from judgment- but we balk when all he asks is to believe in his Son Jesus and live a life of gratitude and obedience.

To learn more about how to get saved see the tab above for the Gospel.
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