Monday, October 22, 2012

Do All Ways Lead To God? What did Jesus Say?

Some people say all religions lead to God, or that God can be found in one of a number of ways. Many say that you can find God your own way and the next person can find God their own way. Still others say all paths lead to God.

Jesus is universally acclaimed as a great if not the greatest teacher. If that is so we should consider what he said on the subject, but we must be ready for a surprise.

"I am the truth, the way and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6, NIV.

The God of Love sent his son, Jesus, to come and be the way we are not able to be ourselves. Jesus lived a perfect and beautiful life that was totally acceptable to the Father. We could not live the life Jesus did because we have guilt and sin; sin not only holds us back but puts a barrier between us and God. The death he died on the cross was as our substitute for we were the ones who deserve punishment for our guilt and sins. Out of love he willingly gave his life to pay for our wrongs. The Father accepted the death of Jesus on our behalf and we see that approval in the resurrection. Christ did what no one else could not do- satisfy the judgment against our sins, so he is the only way.

We come to the Father through Jesus. This is to leave behind all the things that put that barrier between us and God, things for which Christ died on the cross, (this is called repentance), and put your faith in the person and work of Jesus. Faith needs expression; some people express this faith in a prayer. Tell Him that you need forgiveness of your sins and you trust in his promise to accept the substitute of Jesus for your punishment.

When we come to the Father through Jesus we are free from judgment since Jesus took our sins, but we get the life of Jesus in us, the beautiful life he lived is now our life, our death became his death and his eternal life becomes our life.

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